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ARRIBAS DO DOURO | Natural Parks
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Douro International Natural Park

The border section of the Douro River is a deep, embedded valley with cliff margins that separate Portugal from Spain.

In the Douro International Nature Park (85.146 ha), that covers an extensive surface adjacent to the river, the vegetation is dominated by Kermes Oak with a notable Juniper presence, Cork Oak plantations and spots of Black Oak. It is a fundamental area for the preservation of the rupiculous bird fauna, namely the Egyptian Vulture and the Bonelli's eagle. 

In an area with a low population density, economic activity is dominated by agriculture and livestock. Strange dovecotes complete a severe landscape that gains a dramatic expression in the Douro cliffs. In the country of Camões, the "mirandês" dialect is another one of the surprises that extreme of the Portuguese north-east has to offer. 

Arribes del Duero Nature Park, in the Spanish margin (106.105 ha) complements the protection in terms of preservation of the existing nature on the Portuguese side.


The DINP is also part of the RNatura 2000 network and is a Special Protection Zone (Douro International and Vale do Águeda) under the Birds Directive.

5 Reinos - Douro International Natural park
Arribes del Duero Natural Park

In the west of Zamora and Salamanca, where the Duero makes border with Portugal and it is boxed almost forming the deepest and extensive tubes - a hundred of kilometers of all Iberian Peninsula, is the region of "Los Arribes". A space natural privileged in that they emphasize the rustic beauty of his granítico landscape and a rich one and varied fauna and flora.

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