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Miranda do Douro is a town located in the Northeast of the Trás-os-Montes region, on the border with Spain, with the Douro river separating the two countries.


The history of a city, of a region, is undoubtedly its identity document.

Miranda do Douro has been isolated from the rest of the country through the years, so the ancestral way of life is still vivid in its traditions and its own language, the mirandês. The historic center preserves many of its traditions and architecture from medieval and Renaissance-era.

Listen out for people speaking mirandês, the second official language of Portugal (since 1999), which is also taught as an option in the schools of the region.

Many are the places to visit: the Terra de Miranda museum, the Co-cathedral and the Menino da Cartola, the Misericordia Church, the Frades Trinos Church, the Holy Cross Church, the ruins of the Bishop's place, the fortress and castle...


When it's time to eat, you shouldn't leave without trying the traditional "Posta mirandesa", made with the excellent "vaca mirandesa" (cow breed from Miranda do Douro) or the traditional sausages (alheiras and smoked "enchidos" and "butelos"), and the unique "bola doce".

Men in Miranda have a traditional cape, called "Capa de Honras". You won't find gold or beautiful embroidey in them, Miranda's traditional cape is made of strong wool that protects from wind, cold and rain. 

MThis town is also well known for its lively and colourful folklore - the Pauliteiros de Miranda, dressed in their traditional white flannel kilts, perform their famous stick dance to the sound of bagpipes.

Come and discover all of this by yourself!

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